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    KL Rahul couldn’t complete his century

Kl Rahul

People have always been crazy about cricket and this craze is increased even more by the IPL. Although the IPL is organized by India, the attention of the entire world is on the IPL. The IPL is in the news due to the many interesting moves of the players on the day, many such players surprise the audience with their exciting style which increases the interest of the people in the game even more. The losing team suddenly wins and suddenly the best player starts licking the dust, sometimes the whole team does not get inside 100, sometimes even crosses the 300 marks.

If we talk about IPL year 2021, then KL Rahul who plays for Punjab Kings XI does not complete his century despite being very close to his century. Captain KL Rahul is very famous in IPL for his batting, in almost every match, Captain KL Rahul has surprised everyone with his best innings.  But caught by Rahul Tewatia and missed his century, these are the reasons why the interest of people in IPL keeps increasing. KL Rahul, one of the most successful players of Kings XI Punjab, plays such a brilliant inning in almost every match that he is very much liked in the audience and among the fans of Kings XI Punjab, he liked KL Rahul the most.  Goes but says no or a cricket match is the way batting is decided by a flashlight in which a team wins the toss and a team loses the toss, in the same way, a cricket match baby wins a team and a team loses. Finally, with the excellent innings of captain KL Rahul and Deepak Hooda, Kings XI Punjab scored 221 runs in 20 overs, giving Rajasthan Royals a very good defeat by 4 runs.

Sanju Samson faces heartbreak when defeated by Punjab kings

Sports is all about winning and losing at periodic times, sometimes people or teams win and the other time it may lose. This is what keeps the excitement in the game and it is worth it. Cricket is the most interesting game where the game changes in just a few minutes and it is very difficult to predict who is going to win or lose.

In an IPL match, two teams clashed against each other who were Punjab Kings and Rajasthan Royals. Sanju Samson is a player of Rajasthan Royals, he is a good player and it is obvious that if any team loses then the team members will feel bad. The same thing happened with Samson when his team lost the match then he felt like heartbreak. However, the team played really well in the match. Punjab scored a total of 221 whereas Rajasthan Royals were able to score only 217. However, Samson tried to give hope to the team till the end of the game but at last, the team lost the game.

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