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29 Apr, 2015

Q : When you come to know about your appointment as an umpire, how do you start your preparation? Ans: Simon Taufel said that the match for an umpire begins before many days from the actual day of match by thinking about the match. You must have sense of being ready for the match few days before.'

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Welcome to GCA Umpires Academy

Gujarat Cricket Association

We are glad to inform you that under the banner of Gujarat Cricket Association, We shortly starting with a new initiative of Umpires Academy for the new Upcoming Umpires who want to pursue ther cariier as an Umpire.The academy will be equipped with separate class room space containing all the modern facilities like power point presentation on Laws of Cricket with relavant videos, explaination and demonstatring filed techniques also.
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Welcome to GCA Umpires Academy

Welcome to GCA Umpires Academy