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    Few need to mention Facts in this IPL

Muttiah Muralitharan

IPL 2021 is expected to be full of dramas. Firstly, it will start in India. Secondly, it will be really interesting to see how the management acts to protect their players from covid infections. Here are some interesting points of this IPL edition.

  1. Sri Lanka is missing something, but by then you will be disappointed with the younger generation. But this is it. IPL is home to the best cricket players in the world. It is a good message to help Sri Lankan cricketers show their matches and become more competitive so they can join the IPL depending on their level. However, the veteran wicket-keeper argued that the main reason the franchise refused to choose Sri Lankan talent was the surprise tour of the national cricket council.
  2. B. Kumar, an inactive Indian metronome after a urethra injury while playing in the IPL, will launch the IPL 2021 version in early April. It will be paused until completed. One important area is the unpredictable potential of SLC. Players have too much time and it is difficult to predict if they need to leave at any point during the season. IPL or not that is hard to do, says Sri Lanka.
  3. Overall, there are many ups and downs in this IPL. For example, Indian pacer B. Kumar will have to fight for six months from the date of the injury. He hasn't played cricket for six months, so he will only be able to play at IPL. B. Kumar was also dropped from the Uttar Pradesh team at the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy T20 next month. India will have a full set of international games against England against IPL.
  4. Following the expansion of the Covid-19 case, BCCI's decision to place the last three T20s against England behind the bar will soon fail to draw the crowd in the next round of the IPL. However, BCCI still has that option open.
  5. Rajasthan Royals parted ways with head coach Andrew McDonald ahead of the Indian Premier League this year. The brand said in a statement that Trevor Penney, who previously worked for the Indian team, was appointed assistant head coach.
  6. Competition equipment is mapped so that each team only moves three times during tournament periods, reducing movement and risk. This year, the Vivo IPL internal tournament will begin to compete in closed rooms and spectators will be asked to complete the next round of the tournament.
  7. BCCI previously stated in an official statement in March that the tournament would be held in a closed room, but said it would decide to allow the crowd to take the next step.
  8. Many fans were furious that the franchise took on a new look after the Chennai auction last month and its seniors were dropped from the team. Former Indian cricketer Halva Janshin was among the players who were released. Issued by the former Chennai Super Kings franchise and acquired by Spin loving team KKR.
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