Welcome to GCA Umpires AcademyName - Mr. Rajendra Patel

It was my privilege to have attended the GCA Umpire's Academy seminar, given the fact that the preceding course was so intensive and competitive! It was a great experience for three days at the academy, learning about liberal principles from two knowledgeable facilitators, Sir Amish Saheba and Sir Mehul Patel, and exchanging myself with other young liberal participants. I was especially looking forward to learn more about the rules and regulation of umpiring, because I believe that these fundamental concepts are particularly important for fulfilling my desire to become an umpire. Having attended the GCA Umpire's Academy seminar is a pride of my life, as it not only widened my knowledge, but also provided me an opportunity to meet other young liberals who look forward in making Umpiring as their Profession. Thanks to GCA Umpire's Academy and Sir Amish Saheba, for having taken this initiative.